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and of the training is to introduce you to West Way's new medication administration record this Mar is for medication information only so first of all I'd like to show you a copy of the new Mar so this is what our new Mar looks like you'll see the change in the title medication administration record you'll note that we're still indicating the participant name we've still got the month in the year that you're going to be silly note at the top and in terms of the medication chart itself you'll note that there's not any changes we're still have the medication on the far left you're indicating the dosage the amount the our given if there's any sort of special instruction and you're initially not on the day of the month so the medication it chart itself does not have any changes in the process of how it's completed however the size of the chart and the box is where you are initially have all been enlarged so now I'd like to show you a copy of a Mar that's been completed to support a participant so you can see that I've indicated that Jane Doe is the participant and she's staying with us in the month of March 2018 so I filled it out in terms of her morning medications lunchtime medications she has an early evening medication and she also has some later evening or bedtime medication administration so first walking through the bottom left-hand side of your screen you'll note that there's boxes for service provider signature and initials and there are multiple spaces here to accommodate the number of staff who may be supporting the participant through the month I'm going to come back to the shaded area in a few minutes but underneath the shaded area you'll note that we continue to have the caregiver family signature line where the family would be signing so the caregiver family signature is always required prior to the administration of any medication when the caregiver family is not available to sign them are the service provider calls the caregiver family to complete and verify and signs them are on the caregiver family signature line okay so continuing through the new sections of the Newmar we've included a legend now with the mar and so you'll note that there's three letters here that we're going to use with our legend so the first one is d4 declined so if a participant declines their medication all service providers will follow the medication policy and will follow the caregiver direction the letter D is then entered in the box to correlate with the appropriate date and time respite workers will document the direction in the service notes and at the respite home this will also be documented in the logbook so if Jane declines your naproxen for the seven o'clock a dose then you as a respite worker would put putting in here a d4 declined okay the second thing on our legend is it's a o4 administered by other so during a period of respite if...